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If you injure yourself while playing sports or participating in another type of physical activity, sports medicine and rehabilitation can speed up your recovery process and encourage mobility. At Premier Spine and Sports Medicine in Hagerstown, Maryland, Emily Priestas, DPT, regularly develops custom sports medicine and rehabilitation plans for men and women. To request your consultation with Emily today, call the office or click the online scheduling tool.

Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Q & A

What is sports medicine and rehabilitation?

Sports medicine and rehabilitation is a branch of health care focused on diagnosing, treating, and preventing sports and other activity-related injuries. 

Believe it or not, you don’t have to be an athlete to benefit. If your job requires you to stay on your feet for long periods of time, lift heavy objects, or twist and bend, sports medicine and rehabilitation can encourage circulation, ease chronic pain, and improve your overall quality of life.

Are there different types of sports medicine and rehabilitation?

At Premier Spine and Sports Medicine, the team offers a wide range of sports medicine and rehabilitation services, including:

Orthopedic physical therapy

Orthopedic physical therapy is a noninvasive treatment method that works to improve the overall function of your orthopedic system, including your bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It’s a safe, effective alternative to surgery used to improve your posture and lower your risk of future injuries.

Regenerative medicine

Regenerative medicine treatments use platelet-rich plasma and other naturally occurring substances to encourage your body’s natural healing processes. It’s thought regenerative medicine eases swelling and inflammation while promoting the generation of newer, healthier cells and tissue. 

Running rehabilitation

If you’re a marathoner or trail runner, you might benefit from running rehabilitation. This type of sports medicine and rehabilitation works to prevent running-related injuries such as ankle sprains, shin splints, and stress fractures. 


If you suffer a minor sports-related injury caused by stress, anxiety, or general wear-and-tear, Emily might recommend cupping therapy. Cupping is an alternative, holistic treatment thought to help with pain, inflammation, and blood flow. It’s quick and pain-free and provides excellent results.

Interventional pain management

If conservative treatments don’t ease pain caused by a sports-related injury, you might benefit from interventional pain management. This branch of sports medicine uses corticosteroid injections, nerve blocks, and other minimally invasive treatments to ease pain and improve mobility. 

What types of sports medicine and rehabilitation are right for me?

No two sports medicine and rehabilitation treatment plans are exactly alike. The team at Premier Spine and Sports Medicine tailors treatment based on each patient’s individual needs.

Following a physical exam, review of your medical history, and discussion of your symptoms, your provider can make recommendations for your unique situation. Depending on your needs, this might mean regular physical therapy appointments, exercise modifications, or a series of permanent lifestyle changes.

To learn more about the benefits of sports medicine and rehabilitation, request an appointment at Premier Spine and Sports Medicine today by calling the office or clicking the online scheduling tool.