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Acupuncture restores balance to the body’s natural energy flow and stimulates the release of biochemicals that relieve pain and boost mood. Dr. Christopher Clark at Premier Spine and Sports Medicine in Hagerstown, Maryland, is registered to practice medical acupuncture. Contact the office or schedule an appointment online for a consultation and information about how acupuncture can relieve pain and improve health.

Acupuncture Q & A

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture originated in China thousands of years ago. Today, it’s an accepted therapy that complements other types of musculoskeletal treatments, promoting balance and healing in the body.

Acupuncture is based on the belief that biological energy circulates throughout the body. When this energy, called Qi, is blocked or disrupted, it causes disease and illness. Acupuncture restores balance to the flow of energy, which allows the body to use its natural ability to heal.

How is acupuncture performed?

Dr. Clark performs acupuncture by placing hair-thin needles into specific areas of the skin called acupuncture points. The length of the needles and the number used varies depending on each person’s health needs and the condition he’s treating.

A session usually lasts about 45-60 minutes. However, the total treatment time depends on the number of needles inserted and the length of time they stay in place. During the session, Dr. Clark may warm, twirl, or electrically energize the needles to boost healing.

What should you expect when acupuncture needles are inserted?

Acupuncture needles are different from what many people envision when it comes to medical needles. They’re very thin, flexible, and finely tapered, so they slide smoothly into the skin.

Some patients feel a slight pinch when inserted; others don’t feel any discomfort. Once the needles are in place, you shouldn’t experience any pain, although you may feel warmth or tingling if the needles are heated or connected to low-intensity electrical stimulation.

How does acupuncture relieve pain?

In addition to rebalancing the body’s flow or energy, acupuncture points are near nerves and areas of high electrical activity. When the needles stimulate these areas, they send messages to the brain, which responds by releasing natural chemicals, such as endorphins and neurotransmitters, that make you feel better physically and emotionally.

Acupuncture strengthens the nervous and immune systems. It also decreases inflammation and relieves muscle spasms and strain.

What health conditions does acupuncture treat?

Clinical studies show acupuncture provides beneficial treatment for:

  • Chronic pain: Lower-back pain, neck pain, knee pain, sciatica (for example)
  • Digestive disorders: Gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis
  • Urinary and reproductive disorders: Irregular periods, menstrual cramps, menopausal symptoms
  • Psychological and emotional disorders: Stress, anxiety, depression