Living with Chronic Pain

Harvard Health Publishing recently ran an article on their Harvard Medical School blog calling chronic pain an “invisible” disability. Because it can have a multitude of causes, chronic pain can be tricky to diagnose and treat, causing many people to suffer in silence and lost productivity. 

The CDC estimates that between 11 and 40% of American adults suffer from pain that lasts longer than six months. The U.S. Pain Foundation puts that number somewhere near 50 million people. 

How chronic pain impacts you

As one of the top reasons for seeking medical care, chronic pain deeply affects quality of life, productivity, and day-to-day activities. Because it permeates and negatively affects every area of life, for many people chronic pain leads to depression, anxiety, and dependence on or addiction to strong pain medications. 

At Premier Spine and Sports Medicine in Hagerstown, Maryland, we understand pain. Our skilled and compassionate team knows that you want to get your life back. Dr. Christopher Clark has years of experience helping his patients get rid of pain and offers a range of cutting-edge therapies to help you.

Types of chronic pain

Some of the many types of chronic pain that Dr. Clark and our team treat include:

Chronic pain treatment options

Before Dr. Clark customizes your care, he meets with you to talk about your health history, current condition, lifestyle choices, and how you’re currently treating your pain. Some of the options he may suggest for you are:

Interventional pain management

Dr. Clark is a leader in the practice of interventional pain management, which uses one or a combination of techniques to block your persistent pain. Some of the methods available to you are:

Regenerative medicine

Platelet-rich plasma injections (PRP) are showing great promise in the field of pain. PRP therapy uses a special formulation of your own blood to provoke your body’s innate healing mechanisms. Some of the areas that respond well to PRP therapy are:

Spinal manipulation

For chronic spine, neck, hip, and lower back pain, Dr. Clark uses spinal manipulation to correct any misalignments that may be causing or aggravating your condition.

Rehabilitative exercises

Our team helps you regain your range of motion and flexibility with physical therapy and rehabilitative exercises that decrease your pain.


Acupuncture is a time-tested healing art uses strategically-placed needles to stimulate the healing process.

We want to help you manage life with chronic pain. Call our office to reserve an appointment or book one online.

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